End Compliance Chaos


Efficiently Gather the Evidence You Need to Prove Compliance Using the Largest Library of Regulatory Content Available Today



Common Controls Hub overview showing compliance framework

Scope, Define, & Maintain

  • The Common Controls Hub Software-as-a-Service interface lets you quickly retrieve the data you need from the underlying Unified Compliance Framework®.
  • Select the regulations you need to follow, and all associated Common Controls are automatically displayed in a harmonized, hierarchical list.
  • Customize your Common Controls by selecting the specific industries, market segments, and geographies that apply to your organization.

Reduce GRC Requirements

  • Reduce GRC requirements to the minimum you need to be in compliance.
  • Generate an instant gap/overlap analysis between Authority Documents to drastically reduce audit requirements.
  • Streamline GRC processes to save time, resources, and other compliance-related costs.

Instant Analysis

  • Combine new compliance regulation controls with existing controls and quickly integrate incremental changes.
  • Easily gauge the impact of new regulatory compliance mandates, new initiatives, and new geographies, rather than having to complete an entirely new assessment.
  • Create lists of auditable Common Controls and route them to as many Third Party/Supply Chain vendors as needed to get immediate reporting.