Release Notes: 10.10.17

October 11, 2017

Updates to Common Controls Hub (CCH) were released between 9:30 - 9:45 AM Pacific time today.

Updates to UCF Mapper will be released between 3:30 - 5:00 PM Pacific time today.
We do not expect any production downtime, unavailability, inability to use the application.

New Feature

  • UCF Mapper: In Flight Project Dashboard

Added a dashboard to view all Public UCF Projects.

Improved Features

  • UCF Mapper: Term Hierarchy double click target
    Double Clicking a term in the term hierarchy now points to Research, instead of Compliance Dictionary.
  • UCF Mapper: Slack Integration: Project Re-assignment
    Users who have their slack integration set up will now automatically be added to the Project Slack channel when they are re-assigned to an existing project.
  • UCF Mapper: AD Cataloging: Approver: Send back button
    Approvers now directly send tasks back to the Mappers in AD Cataloging Projects.
  • UCF Mapper: AD Cataloging Task description
    Updated AD Cataloging Task descriptions to include the AD name used in the AD request.
  • UCF Mapper: Citation Mapping Project Task status: Blocked
    Added a new task status, Blocked, for all Citation Tagging Tasks that are waiting on term tasks to be approved.
  • UCF Mapper: Map a Citation: Are there any more citations?
    Added a last step to Map a Citation tasks, that will automatically create a new Map a Citation task when the user answers yes to the question "Are there any more citations?"

Bug Fixes

  • CCH: Builds: Mismatched Mandated Common Control Count
    Fixed the discrepancy among Mandated Common Control counts in Research and Common Controls spreadsheets vs Compliance Document from generated build.
  • CCH: API: Additional Information Button
    Fixed the wrapping issue with the Additional Information button in the API section.
  • UCF Mapper: Common Control Match Details: missing term
    Fixed the issue with some terms not appearing in Common Control Match Details.
  • UCF Mapper: Training Projects: Match a Citation to a Common Control
    Fixed the issue with Training Projects not accepting correct Citation to Common Control matches.

If you have any questions or concerns about this update, please contact support@commoncontrolshub.com.

The UCF Team