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    • Authority Documents

      The Hub includes regulations for Information Technology, Physical Security, Records Management, Privacy, and Third Party Supply Chain. View a detailed summary of any Authority Document mapped into the UCF, including a link to the Originator, the Effective Date, Controls by Type, Controls by Zone, and Controls by Classification. Provided with a Basic Subscription.

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    • Common Controls

      Select the regulations you need and all associated controls will automatically be displayed. Each control includes a reference link (Control ID), allowing you to research your specific requirements, clarify conflicts created by gaps and overlaps between regulations, and drill down for explanations and sources for each control. Then, export your customized controls. Provided with a Basic Subscription.

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    • Metric Standards

      A Custom Compliance Template: Prove your organization is in compliance with regulations and standards in a standardized way. Metric Management Standards define each of the metrics specified by the Authority Documents. These reports include the applicable controls and an explanation of the metric formula, the calculation used to define the metric, how the metric should be displayed, and where to find the data or information that feeds the metric calculation. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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    • Audit Guidelines

      A Custom Compliance Template: Each audit question is linked directly to an individual Common Control in the Controls List. This gives maximum flexibility to build out audit questions as close as possible to the methodology the Authority Documents used to write them, while maintaining direct links to the individual auditable items (Assets, Configurable Items, Compliance Documents, Metrics, Record Categories, Record Examples, and Roles) referenced in each audit question. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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    • Roles Definitions

      A Custom Compliance Template: Use the Roles Definitions to help assign the appropriate compliance tasks within your organization. Roles Definitions identify each functional role described within the Authority Documents. The UCF® favors the functional roles employees play over job titles. Each description contains the role's definition as well as all of the assigned controls for that role. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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    • Compliance Documents

      A Custom Compliance Template: Each Compliance Document is a template you can tailor to meet your organization’s compliance requirements. Compliance Documents is an all-encompassing term for documents such as policies, standards, procedures, and checklists required across industries, regulations, and regions. The requirements referenced are linked directly back to their sources and tie into the other UCF-based materials, including Roles, Metrics, Controls, Assets, and, ultimately, Authority Documents. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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    • Monitored Events

      A Custom Compliance Template: Monitored Events describes the activities and actions an organization will want to track to be compliant with various controls. This Word-based report links each of the Monitored Events to all of the Controls that either call for an event to take place, react to an event taking place, or both call for and react to the event taking place. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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    • Research Sites

      A Custom Compliance Template: The Research Sites Report is a great reference guide to all the original online compliance sites we use to research the UCF® content. The report is summarized by the information category (such as Energy Guidance, ISO Guidance, etc.) and sorted by the site and the document type provided by the site. This information is extremely hard to find and is the only list of this type and breadth in existence. Customize your Basic Subscription with this add-on.

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      Create initiatives, assign roles for users, and create groups.

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