Be The Compliance Hero

The Common Controls Hub helps you simplify and centralize your compliance efforts while reducing costs, time, and effort:

  • Customization: Create your own custom framework and compile custom, harmonized Authority Document lists and Common Control lists in minutes. Select and create lists by specific vertical industries, market segments, geographies, or document search.
  • Gap Analysis: Drastically reduce audit requirements (typically by as much as 60%) by comparing Authority Documents to find overlaps and gaps between regulations and eliminate redundant Controls. Understand the impact of new laws and standards and integrate new regulations easily without starting the entire process over.
  • Audits: Audit once and attest multiple times. Compliance tasks and regulatory demands are often redundant across multiple requirements; with the CCH, you can eliminate duplicate efforts by asserting compliance across multiple Authority Documents simultaneously;
  • Research: Drill down for detailed information, explanations, and sources for each Common Control
  • Common Language: Helps IT teams, compliance pros, and lawyers understand each other easily
  • Supply Chain Management: Reduce the complexity of monitoring and managing third-party and supply chain compliance to regulations. Route your compliance requirements to as many third-parties and supply chain members as needed and track their attestation with immediate reporting on their regulatory compliance adherence.