Why Compare Authority Documents?

You can quickly and easily compare any Authority Documents or AD lists. This is very useful for gap/overlap analysis and can also be used to gauge the impact of new initiatives, geographies, laws, and more.

In order to reduce the burden (and cost) of compliance, you have to de-duplicate the mandates in the Authority Documents so they don’t overlap each other. When you compare Authority Documents or AD lists, and find the overlaps between the regulations, you can eliminate redundant Common Controls that show up in multiple regulations. Just comply once to them all simultaneously, which saves you lots of time and energy!

Here’s how: Select Authority Documents or an AD list for Column A. This could be your “baseline” set of requirements.

Pick ADs or an AD list for column B. This could represent your risk, a new initiative, a new law, a third party’s compliance profile and more.

To see the overlap of Common Controls that are in both List A and List B, click on the arrow next to Both AB (and check out the information icon on the Common Controls for Both AB).

Once you have your A/B comparison, just click Export Compare List and then click the Download button to copy it to your computer.

To determine how much time and money you are saving by comparing Authority Documents, click the green dollar sign in the middle column, next to Controls.

For step-by-step directions on how to compare Authority Documents and screenshots, just click here.