Mapping Observation Portal Revealed

April 5, 2018

Unified Compliance Reveals Their Patented Mapping Process Interested parties can view the mapping process in real time using the new Mapping Observation Portal

Today, Unified Compliance announced the release of the Mapping Observation Portal to the public. It is the latest in the company’s commitment to total transparency related to their patented mapping technology.

Unified Compliance is the publisher of the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®), the world’s largest compliance library. It is also the first professional compliance mapping tool that maps regulatory guidelines, national standards, audit guides, and other Authority Documents.
A number of companies claim to do compliance mapping. However, the UCF is the only system available today that provides the technology necessary to create a legally defensible, unified framework to aggregate and harmonize all compliance requirements applicable to an organization.

Now, for the first time, anyone can use the Mapping Observation Portal to see how the patented technology is used to tag and matches mandates in an Authority Document. Users will also be able to ask questions and track the completion status of Authority Documents that Unified Compliance is in the process of mapping.

This is the second milestone for Unified Compliance in the recent past. In July 2017, the company released the UCF Mapper™. This product allows customers to tailor their use of the system using the same patented processes the UCF Team uses. Customers can map their own unique business requirements and internal policies, along with regulations and standards relevant to their organizations that are not currently available in the UCF.

Dorian Cougias, co-founder of Unified Compliance, is passionate about the latest release. “We were excited when the UCF Mapper™ was introduced because we could open our system to the entire compliance community,” Cougias said. “Now, with the Mapping Observation Portal, we’re achieving even more transparency, and giving compliance professionals the chance to see into the heart of the UCF.”

Cougias will host a webinar on April 26, 2017 to introduce the Mapping Observation Portal and show attendees how to use it. Registration is open, but space is limited.