Announcing the Portable Compliance Profile™

March 16, 2017

The Portable Compliance Profile™ gives you the fastest and easiest way for anyone with at least a Basic-level account to share any list of Authority Documents and their associated controls with anyone else – even if they don’t have a Common Controls Hub account.

Sharing your Portable Compliance Profile makes it easy to communicate your customized set of Common Controls to:

  • contractors
  • employees
  • consultants
  • customers
  • your supply chain

The Portable Compliance Profile page looks just like a Common Controls Hub page and has the same user interface elements including the “expand out” button to make it easy to research any given Authority Document or Common Control.

You can simply publish your Authority Document list and Common Controls or you may optionally demonstrate your level of compliance to your customers with the “Publish List with Status” option. Publishing your list with the status shows the progress and results of your audit – and can even show when controls have been certified by a 3rd party auditor.

Here’s a link to an example Portable Compliance Profile: