Unified Compliance and (ISC)2 Join Forces to Provide UCF Mapper Training

May 18, 2017

Have you ever wished you and your team could map regulations and standards into the Unified Compliance Framework®? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Unified Compliance will soon release a new product, the UCF Mapper™, which will allow you to do just that!

In addition, Unified Compliance, the creator of the Unified Compliance Framework, has joined forces with (ISC)2, an international nonprofit membership association renowned for their training and certification training programs, to create a UCF Mapper enhanced computer-based training (CBT) program.

Attend our free webinar on May 25, 2017 at 8 am PDT | 11:00 am EDT

During the webinar, you’ll see a demonstration of the UCF Mapper and if you’re among the first 50 people to register for the UCF Mapper training, you’ll receive a $400 discount!

The UCF Mapper

UCF Mapper allows organizations to customize their compliance programs by adding regulations and standards that are relevant to their organizations, but not currently available in the UCF. The result will be a single resource that contains everything a compliance team needs to identify requirements and audit compliance.

Compliance teams will use the same patented processes the UCF team uses to create the most accurate and defensible compliance mappings available anywhere. UCF Mapper walks teams through the process of:

  • cataloging Authority Documents
  • extracting pertinent Citations and Mandates
  • tagging the terms in those Mandates
  • selecting each tagged term’s in-context definition
  • mapping that tagged Mandate to a Common Control
  • matching the Common Control to corresponding Audit Questions.

UCF Mapper Team Requirements

The UCF Mapper requires five roles: a Mapper, a Reviewer, an Approver, a Lexicographer, and a Lawyer. UCF staff will fulfill the roles of the Lexicographer and Lawyer. Each organization that wishes to use the UCF Mapper will create a compliance team that covers the Mapper, Reviewer and Approver roles.

In order to access the UCF Mapper, compliance teams will need a:

  • Basic subscription to the Common Controls Hub
  • UCF Mapper subscription
  • Compliance Mapping Certificate for each team member

Team members will obtain a Compliance Mapping Certificate by attending the training that will be hosted by (ISC)2 and Unified Compliance.

UCF Mapper Training

Learn how to use the UCF Mapper by attending an enhanced computer-based training (CBT) program to teach the compliance mapping process step-by-step.

The training will cover the Mapper, Reviewer and Approver roles, and include multimedia presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on experience. Compliance professionals will spend 8-10 hours learning to map Authority Documents correctly and accurately in a way that will satisfy auditors and regulators, while simplifying governance for their organization or clients.

(ISC)2 will host the self-paced, seven module online course; Unified Compliance will host practical-application modules. Students may take up to a year to complete the course, and must pass online quizzes and the practical-application projects to be completed within the UCF Mapper.

After successful completion of the course, participants will be:

  • awarded a Compliance Mapping Certificate from (ISC)2
  • promoted to Mapper within the Unified Compliance Framework
  • provided full access to the UCF Mapper tool
  • awarded 8 CPE (Continuing Professional Education) credits

Next Steps

Each person who wishes to become a Certified Compliance Mapper and use the UCF Mapper software will purchase the training course for $2,695. The first 50 people who register for the training will receive a $400 discount.

Initially, the course will be available for purchase through the UCF Mapper website, and will soon be available through the (ISC)2 website. Find out if the UCF Mapper is for you – attend our free webinar on May 25, 2017 at 8 am PDT | 11:00 am EDT.

Dorian Cougias, Unified Compliance co-founder and Compliance Scientist, will host a one-hour session where you will see a demonstration of how you can:

  • Use the patented processes of the UCF Mapper to add Authority Documents to the UCF
  • Organize your Authority Document mapping initiatives for maximum efficiency
  • Provide this service for your organization or your customers
  • Find out about the UCF Mapper training offered by (ISC)2

About Unified Compliance and the UCF

Unified Compliance is the publisher of the world’s largest compliance library, the Unified Compliance Framework® (UCF®). Our scientific approach to overall compliance reduces cost, limits liability, and simplifies the compliance process. Our flagship product is the Common Controls Hub™ (CCH™), a dynamic SaaS portal built on the award-winning UCF.

With the launch of a new CCH add-on, UCF Mapper™, compliance professionals will be able to map regulations into the UCF with the same patented process used by the Unified Compliance mapping team. More information can be found at and Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

About (ISC)²

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